US issued Level-4 warning for travelers to Haiti

US issued Level-4 warning for travelers to Haiti
US issued Level-4 warning for travelers to Haiti

Haiti has got a warning of Level-4 due to increased crime, civil unrest, crime, kidnapping, and COVID-19 increased spread. The U.S. State Department has also issued this warning against Haiti to all those who travel here.

An additional travel health notice has been issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with Level-4 that shows the high alert due to the high-level spread of COVID-19 virus their

In the report by the State Department of the U.S. remarked that, among other matters, kidnapping is popular, and victims frequently involve U.S. citizens.

Kidnappers might be using advanced preparation or take benefit of sudden opportunities, and even convoys have been attacked. Kidnapping cases often include payment compromises, and U.S. citizen victims have been physically wrecked during kidnappings. Victim’s families have given thousands of dollars to safeguard their family members. The State Department also informed that violent crime, such as equipped robbery and carjacking, is regular.

The people who travel to these countries are sometimes caught and vigorously hit and robbed quickly, later going from the Port-au-Prince international airport. Cheats and carjackers also attack personal means of travel stuck in heavy traffic blockage, and usually, their main targets are lonely drivers, whether it can be man or women. Still, mostly they attack alone female car drivers.

The warning also noted that the U.S. government is extremely limited in its ability to supply emergency services to citizens in Haiti, and assistance onsite is out there only from local authorities like the Haitian National Police and ambulance services. The U.S. government is all set to stop these criminals.
It went on to mention that the Haitian police “generally lack the resources to reply effectively to serious criminal incidents .”

In Haiti, from 3 January 2020 to 3:27 pm CEST, 5 June 2021, there have been 15,123 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 321 deaths,