US Coast Guard seizes drugs worth $52 million in Caribbean, Pacific 

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The United States (US) Coast Guard reported that their crew returned to Rhode Island after completing 70 days of patrolling in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific Ocean. They offloaded illegal drugs, which are worth more than $52 million. They have arrested 27 suspected smugglers in Fort Lauderdale.

While guarding the seas, they found a vessel which looked suspicious to them. They headed towards the ship with a support of MH-65 Dolphin helicopter and its crew from the Coast Guard Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron. 


The Coast Guards conducted a search into the vessel and found a quantity of narcotics, which had a street value of $52 million. They arrested 27 suspected persons in connection to the findings and saved the lives of many. 

The US Coast Guards stated that this operation included the joint transactions with the cutter Munro and the US Navy missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf CG-55. Furthermore, the anti-narcotics patrols extended a support to the Joint Interagency Task Force South. 

Following the seizure of drugs, Campbell visited Savannah and participated in the 200th anniversary of the St Patrick’s Day parade celebration. Campbell greeted more than 50 visitors for the tour to cutter. 

“Our crew’s teamwork, productivity, and resilience were always up to the task while conducting counter-narcotic operations to prevent illegal drugs from reaching our shores. Whether rescuing distressed mariners lost at sea, disrupting drug trafficking ventures, or sharing the US Coast Guard’s story during public outreach events, this crew set the standard for professionalism and pride”, added Cmdr Jonathan Harris, the commanding officer of Campbell. 

They added that their task force has managed to save lives by recovering a total of 3,355 kg of cocaine, which has been estimated to amount to 113 million through their anti-drug operations in the Caribbean Sea.

Additionally, Campbell is a 270-foot Famous-class medium cutter. It is used for counter-narcotic operations, protection of living marine resources, migrant interdiction, rescue, and search in support of US Coast Guard exercises throughout the Western Hemisphere. 

The people around the region took to their Facebook handles to appreciate the untiring efforts of the US Coast Guard. One such comment read, “US Coast Guard is a world Veterans, and I keep confidence in the US Coast Guard. I do pride for US, and my favourite and I am with US.

Ana Allen
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