US Coast Guard vessel ‘Vigilant’ seizes cocaine worth million in Caribbean Sea

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The United States (US) Coast Guard vessel ‘Vigilant’ seized cocaine worth millions of dollars during a 60-day patrol in the Caribbean Sea. The ship’s crew also held discussions with authorities in Saint Lucia and St Kitts and Nevis to strengthen national security.

The Coast Guard proceeded toward the sea, and during the search, they found cocaine, which has an estimated street value of $15.7 million in the international illegal market. 

Further, the Vigilant staff was working beside the USS Leyte Gulf, and they observed six persons suspicious of the drug traffickers in the Central and Eastern Caribbean Seas. As a result, the ship’s crew all detained them. 

If sources are to be believed, it is being said that members of the US Coast Guard talked to officials of Caribbean countries like St Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia. The meeting covered a range of topics of concern and took measures to promote regional stability, security, and strengthening of partnerships.

According to reports, the ship played an important role in stopping the migration of drug traffickers to the Caribbean countries. 

The ship’s crew said they had been patrolling the Caribbean Sea for 62 days.

In addition, Vigilant’s staff members received a miserable signal from a French-flagged sailing vessel during the patrolling, which aroused their anxiety. As they proceeded towards the ship, they observed two persons asking for help. 

The guards managed to reach them and found that the two French guards had been trapped at sea for over eight days without any water or food. 

“Two French crew members were stranded at sea for over eight days, with no means of propulsion and no remaining drinking water,” added one of the US coast guards. 

The vigilante responded to them and came to their rescue. They provided the corps with shelter, water, and medical aid until their safe return to their country. 

The US Coast Guard vessel returned to Cape Canaveral after two months of successful deployment in the Caribbean Sea. People across the Caribbean nations took to their Facebook handles to express their frustration with the rise of drug trafficking. 

“That’s the problem right there. All these smuggling of cocaine from port to port, city to city, into the country. Criminals are probably sniffing, cocaine to give them the high that, they would like to achieved upon changing their minds into something else to do crime. Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico, it’s the same kind of mindset involving gangsters at an extreme rate and taking other people lives. On average cocaine could make you do anything. Our local experts aren’t telling us the real truth surrounding the drug trade,” quoted one user.

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