T&T police issues reminder for the firearm users

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The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service issued a reminder to all the holders of firearm user’s licence. The notice issued by the police officials was: Submission of the full form 1, Certificates and Payment of appropriate fees in accordance with Section 39 (4) of the Firearms Act Chapter 16:01.

Notably, the deadline issued by the authorities of the nation for the payment of the Firearm User’s licence and Firearm User’s employee certificate is 1st April 2024.

As per the details shared by the Facebook account of Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, the renewal fees have been increased to $500 as it has been amended by Section 3 of the Finance Act 21/2022.

As per the guidelines, an official receipt would be issued upon payment as per Section 39(4) of the Firearms Act, Chapter 16:01. The holders of the Firearm User’s licence and Firearm users are asked to make their payment at the District Station where they were registered.

Moreover, in addition to the fees, the registrants are required to submit the following:

  • A completed FUL Form 1, which can be accessed from the Government Printery.
  • A medical certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner.
  • A certificate of competence from a certified Firearms Instructor.

Further, the holders of the various licences are reminded of the following condition as stated by Regulation 5 (c) of the Firearms Act Chapter 16:01, which states, “except the Commissioner otherwise permits, the firearm and ammunition must be kept at the permanent address of the holder of the licence and the Commissioner must be notified in writing within forty-eight hours of any change of such address and of any change in the address at which the holder of the licence is otherwise permitted to keep the firearm and ammunition.”

It was added by the Trinidad and Tobago police authorities that failure to adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines may result in the revocation of the licence in accordance with Section 21 (c) of the Firearms Act Chapter 16:01.

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