Trinidad and Tobago Police seizes two shotguns in Erin area

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The South Western Division officials of Trinidad and Tobago apprehended and charged a man for the offence of possessing a firearm for trafficking it. The arrest was made under the anti-crime exercise held by the authorities in the Erin area. The incident took place on Wednesday, 10 January 2024.

According to the information, the authorities conducted an Operation Blue Line exercise on the said day at around 7:00 am. Subsequently, the authorities proceeded towards Arena Village, Erin’s residence and executed a search exercise. While searching, the officers discovered two shotguns.

It is to be noted the shotgun was found in a kennel, which was located at the back of the house. This exercise led to the arrest of a 25-year-old. Subsequently, the man was taken to the Penal Police Station, where he was charged with the offence of possessing a firearm and with the purpose of trafficking it.

The authorities of Trinidad and Tobago who played a pivotal role in searching include officers of the South Western Division Gang Intelligence Unit, Santa Flora, South Western Division Task Force, and K9 Unit, as well as officers from Penal and Erin Police Stations.

As per the sources, WPC Timothy of the Gang Intelligence Unit is continuing with the enquiries and conducting a thorough search into the matter.

Along with that, the Central Division authorities headed towards John Street Mano Drive, Enterprise, where they held a search at one of the houses. During the search, the officials of the island nation found a transparent plastic bag. In searching the bag, the officers found 20 ecstasy pills. Such findings led to the arrest of one man, who was taken to the Central Division Task Force Area Base.

The man was apprehended and charged with the offence of possessing ecstasy for the purpose of smuggling it.

The residents of the island nation have appreciated the measures taken by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Services to curb the crime rates.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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