Trinidad and Tobago Police arrests six people,nabs two firearms

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The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service apprehended six individuals and seized two firearms during the exercise conducted by the authorities in the Southern and North Eastern divisions.

Notably, the higher-ranked officers of the island nation conducted an anti-crime exercise in the Northern division on 5 January 2024, which resulted in the arrest of a man and the seizure of a firearm. The officers found and recovered a firearm from the Southern division as well and arrested five individuals for several offences.

As per the information, the officials of the North Eastern Division Task Force were moving towards the 2nd Street Extension, Upper 6th Avenue, in Malick, Barataria, at around 6:25 pm. While proceeding towards the said area, the officials observed a man known to them.

On seeing the police vehicle, the man turned around and started walking in the opposite direction. The officials proceeded towards the suspect and conducted a search on the man. On searching the suspect, the authorities found a pistol fitted with a magazine containing nine rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition in a black bag.

It is to be noted that the black bag was hung across the suspect’s upper body. Subsequently, the man was apprehended and taken to the San Juan Police Sub Station for the things found on him. PC Jaggernath is continuing with the investigation into the matter.

Moreover, the authorities of the Southern Division Task Force held an exercise in the Southern Division of the island nation as well. The exercise was conducted between 10 am and 8 pm on the same day. The officers, PCs Loutan, Rambhajan, and Jugmohan, targeted various drug blocks, which resulted in the arrest of five people.

Three men were charged and arrested for the possession of cocaine. Meanwhile, a 21-year-old resident of La Romaine was apprehended for the possession of ammunition. He was later taken to the Marabella Police Station and was formally charged for his offence. The police arrested a 69-year-old man from Princes Town and subsequently charged him with the possession of a device.

Furthermore, PC Loutan went to the King’s Wharf, San Fernando, at 7 pm based on the information he received. On reaching the stated location, he made a search in the bushy area. While conducting the search, he found a black bag. On searching the bag, he discovered a firearm which was fitted with a magazine containing two rounds of ammunition.

The owner of the gun is not known, but the investigators are investigating the matter to get the culprit punished for his offence.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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