Trinidad and Tobago: Officials seizes pistol, ammunition and 120 grams of marijuana

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Trinidad and Tobago: The authorities of Trinidad and Tobago seized one black Taurus pistol with 10 rounds of ammunition and 120 grams of marijuana. The items have been seized by the authorities during an operation conducted by the officials in the Morvant district. 

As per the details, the officers held an exercise at Paradise Heights, Pitch Road and St Charles Orphan Road, Morvant. During the exercise, the officers conducted a search on an abandoned vehicle and found 120 grammes of marijuana. 

While conducting the search, the authorities got certain information which led them to proceed to St Charles Orphan Road. On reaching there, the officers entered an empty lot of land where they discovered several things which included, one black Taurus pistol and 10 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition. 

The owner of the things discovered by the authorities is not known and they have promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter to find out the culprit and put them behind bars for illegally using such powerful weapons and consuming narcotic substances. 

Notably, the firearm, ammunition and the drugs discovered were taken to the forensic area for further and detailed investigations. 

The incident received a lot of views and opinions from the residents of the community through their comments on social media. One person commented, “It is good on the part of the authorities that they are conducting such exercises in order to stop the illegal uses of firearms, ammunition and drugs.”

Another person commented the following “Well done to Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for doing great work, many congratulations to authorities for conducting such operations, ensuring a safe environment of the nation.”

The residents of the community have appreciated the authorities for their unwavering commitment and dedication towards making the nation a safe and secure place by continuously conducting such exercises in order to curb the illegal usage of firearms, ammunition and drugs.

Along with that, the citizens have also requested the administration to impose some serious punishments against such offenders so that they think twice before committing such crimes. 

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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