Trinidad and Tobago: Authorities seized 195 grams of marijuana

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The Police authorities of Trinidad and Tobago seized marijuana during an exercise conducted in Port of Spain and Northern Divisions on Wednesday, 6th December 2023.

While conducting the exercise in Port of Spain, the officials performed roving mobile patrols and a walkthrough exercise in the following areas.

The areas are as follows:

–          Mango Rose

–          Basilon Street

–          St. Paul Street

–          Nelson Street

–          Ducan Street

–          George Street

–          Duke Street

While the officers were conducting an exercise at Duncan Street, Cpl Joseph discovered a black plastic bag. On searching the bag, the authorities found 100 grams of high-grade marijuana. The marijuana was found hidden under a sink in the near surroundings of a building which was located at the Plannings.

Moreover, the officials also conducted an Operation Blue Line exercise in Arima District in the northern division of the area. On investigating the area, the officers found 95 grams of marijuana in a black and white pouch at a public toilet which is located along Lord Kitchener Boulevard.

Therefore, the Police officers of Trinidad and Tobago seized one hundred and ninety-five grams of marijuana in total.

The exercise was coordinated by ASPs Pitt, Trumpet Mattos and Insp Mascall.

The enquiries into the matter are ongoing and officers are trying their best to charge the guilty.

Furthermore, last time when the exercise was conducted in Port of Spain, the officers arrested one suspect under the charge of robbery.

The authorities conducted a mobile patrol exercise in the surrounding area of Republic Bank Independence Squared, Port of Spain, at around 10:30 am.

The two officers, Cpl Gonzales and PC Deo, were approached by the victim about a robbery, as two men entered the house of the victim and took away his Samsung cellular phone, valued at $4000 and $320 in cash.

The assailants demanded more money from the victim and gave him many blows to his head with a firearm. The assaulter forcibly took the victim to the Republic Bank in a silver Nissan Wingroad and asked him to withdraw the money from his bank account.

Subsequently, the victim saw the police patrol and alerted them about the situation. Therefore, the police chased the car and arrested the assailant.

The assailant has been identified as a 41-year-old man, a resident of Winston Mahabir Street, San Fernando. The accused was later taken to Besson Street Police Station for further investigations.

The residents of the Island Nation have extended their gratitude towards Police officers for being so active and always being available for citizens.

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