Two people arrested in Trinidad & Tobago in connection with firearms

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The Police officials of Trinidad and Tobago conducted Operation Blue Line Exercise, apprehended two men and seized two firearms and ammunition in separate incidences in the North Eastern and Eastern Division.

The officers of the North Eastern Division conducted an Operation Blue Line Exercise on 2 December 2023 at around 10:15 pm in the area surrounding Real Street, San Juan.

As per the information, PC Eastman stopped a beige-coloured Toyota Carolla, which was driven by a 22-year-old labourer from Eastern Main Road, San Juan.

The authorities searched the vehicle and the person who was driving it.

In conducting the search, the officials found:

–  One Amadeo Rossi firearm with five rounds of ammunition. The firearm was tucked in driver’s waist area.

The officials seized the items, arrested the driver and charged him with the offence.

PC Eastman is continuing with the investigation process.

Moreover, in the second incident, the officers of the Special Patrol Unit, Valencia, responded to a matter of loud explosions in the near surroundings of Brick House Restaurant and Bar, Valencia Old Road, at around 4:45 pm.

On reaching the spot, the authorities observed several persons were involved in a fight.

The police officers soon quelled the fight and interviewed one of the persons involved in the scuffle. The officials also conducted a search on him and found:

–         .38 special revolver and five rounds of ammunition.

It was found that the man didn’t have any permit to hold the firearm. Therefore, the items were seized from him and he was apprehended in connection with the revolver found from him. The firearm was conveyed to the Valencia Police Post.

Last time, when the officers held Operation Blue Line Exercise, they apprehended three suspects and seized two firearms in the North Eastern and North Central Division.

In the first exercise conducted by the authorities, the officers of the Barataria Patrol Unit, Barataria Criminal Investigations Department and the North Eastern Division Emergency Response Patrol arrested a 29-year-old man as they found one revolver loaded with five rounds of ammunition.

In another exercise, the authorities arrested two suspects in connection with a pistol loaded with a magazine containing eleven rounds of ammunition.

Both these suspects were in the car when the officers stopped them and conducted a search on them and found the pistol from them.

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