Twelve people of Trinidad and Tobago were apprehended in connection with the firearms and the drugs.

Trinidad and Tobago: 12 people nabbed in connection with Firearms & drugs

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Twelve people were apprehended in connection with the firearms and the drugs seized during the exercise conducted in the Southern Division of Trinidad and Tobago.

During an anti-crime exercise conducted between 3 am and 10 am, five search warrants were executed. Subsequently, four men were arrested and charged with drug-related offences.

The four men identified as:

– Danny Outar, a resident of 55 of Tarouba Road, Marabeela was charged with the possession of Cocaine and Possession of a device by PC Rambhajan.

– Kurt MC Collin, a resident of 36 of St. Mary’s Village, Moruga Road was arrested with the possession of Cocaine for trafficking by PC Clement.

– Curtis Ali, a resident of 50, of Juman Trace, Marabella apprehended with the possession of cocaine for trafficking and possession of cannabis by PC Clement.

– Alfred Dyer, a resident of 58 of Realize Road, Princes Town taken into the custody on account of possessing cannabis by PC Boodram.

All four men were taken to the Princes Town Magistrate Court on Monday, 27th November 2023.

The exercise was coordinated by Superintendent Hospedales, ASP Phillip, Inspector Ramlogan, Sgts Joseph and Mason. It was directly supervised by Cpl Phoolchan and included PCs Clement, Vialva, Gervais, Boodram, Bissoon and Rambhajan and WPC Bhagwat, all of the Southern Division Task Force along with Cpl Ramoutar and K9 Betty and PC Fountain and K9 Macho of the Canine Unit.

Moreover, one more exercise was conducted between 9 am and 3 pm. The officers went on mobile patrol along with the Prince of Whales Street, San Fernando and stopped a silver Nissan March. On searching the vehicle, the officers found a bag with a black and grey firearm with a brown wooden handle, which was fitted with a barrel containing six rounds of ammunition.

In connection with the case, two people were apprehended, including:

– The 19-year-old driver of Pleasantville was arrested for the possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition. Thus, he was taken to the Marabella Police Station for further investigation.

– A 38-year-old man from San Fernando was also apprehended during the exercise for the possession of cannabis.

Furthermore, a search warrant exercise was also conducted in the Western Division area where the officers arrested seven men.