Tindale road stabbing: 24-year-old fighting for life

Shaquille Joseph victim of stabbing at Tindale, Antigua

Tindale, Antigua and Barbuda: 24-year-old was brutally stabbed in the chest multiple times by a co-worker in Antigua. The injured have been taken to hospital where he is battling for his life. 

As per reports, the incident took place on Thursday when Shaquille Joseph, a worker at the National Solid Waste Management Authority, was brutally stabbed in her chest, sustaining major injuries.


The incident happened a day before Shaquille Joseph’s 24th birthday. Family members of the injured stated that the incident happened after a dispute started between two men in the Golden Grove area while they were on their duty. It is not clear why the two workers were arguing with each other.

Family members told the media that Shaquille is very critical and suffered a punctured heart and diaphragm from multiple stabbings. The kin of the injured also asked people to donate O-positive blood as his condition is getting critical.

Other workers of Shaquille Joseph are assisting the police in investigations, and it is not clear whether the attacker was taken into custody.

The police have initiated their inquires, and CCTV footage of the area is being searched to gain more information. 

Shaquille Joseph’s condition is believed to be in danger, and the family demands justice for their son.

People are outraged with the incident, “Thi!s is so sad! Danger is one letter added to the anger. We need better control of how to react when we get angry. My heart hurts for his mom.” wrote a social media user. 


Another user named Monty John wrote, “He will make in Jesus name !! God is good !! This to shall pass!! God never leave his children to suffer !! And hope the perpetrator who almost took this young man life is dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.”