Rodney Charles, United National Congress MP from Naparima,

Keith Rowley is leading the worse-cabinet: Rodney Charles

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Rodney Charles, United National Congress’ MP from Naparima, stated that Prime Minister Keith Rowley wastes the time of the public in his press releases and never comes up with solid solutions to deal with the COVID-19 situation in Trinidad and Tobago.

He stated that the government blames opposition and the general public for their own failures. MP Charles stated that the Prime Minister calls citizens and giving a million reasons for not locking down the borders.

Not only that, the UNC MP stated that the government is limiting the freedom of businesses, especially vendors, and justifying ill-conceived regulations.

“We will not hear a word about demitting office in disgrace despite him heading the worst Cabinet ever. Nothing about when the 1.2 million vaccines will arrive to help us reach herd immunity. We can expect total silence on accepting responsibility for running down the fleet of fast patrol interceptors and state of the art naval assets he met in September 2015.” stated Rodney Charles, United National Congress’ MP from Naparima.

Furthermore, MP Charles stated that the Prime Minister would never admit that the real cause of the new spike in highly contagious Brazilian strain is Young’s slothfulness and incompetence in closing the borders.

“Days after one Minister insisted that the PNM Government had the borders on lockdown, the clueless and incompetent Hinds called a news conference yesterday (complete with a supporting cast of public servants) to tell us why our borders have been and will remain, porous,” stated Rodney Charles.

Lashing on Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, MP Rodney stated that he (hinds) was instructed by the PM to get citizens to explain their wealth. Yet he sees no irony in the Integrity Commission telling all and sundry that he has not explained his own wealth to the statutory body empowered to assess his compliance.

“Hinds could not tell us yesterday about the shortfall in naval assets and how this is being addressed? Will the two Australian vessels purchased to close the gap? Will these vessels be properly maintained and fuelled? And what excuse will he concoct, and who will he blame, when they do not deliver as he boasts?” asked Rodney Charles