Closure of borders is infuriating: UNC

Closure of borders is infuriating: UNC
Closure of borders is infuriating: UNC

United National Congress on stated that the borders of Trinidad and Tobago have been closed since March 2020 and the situation have become infuriating.

UNC in a press-releases stated that many owners of bars, restaurants, gyms, fitness centres, spas, barber shops, beauty salons, cinemas and theatres are in a serious financial state and about to collapse, even as the Government shuts down the island again with restrictions to basically a full lockdown until May 23, but in reality, it looks like it may be extended.

“These businesses are seriously cash strapped after implementing many costsaving measures, including salary reductions for all staff, in an effort to keep afloat. ” stated United National Congress.

United National Congress as the opposite party of Trinidad and Tobago stated that as this lockdown continues, the business owners can not see a way out of the debt and to manage their finances to stay in business.

“Financially speaking, all businesses, especially in the food and beverage industry globally, have faced challenges to survive during the Covid-19 pandemic, and now many are on their last leg” stated UNC.

In the wake of infections reaching the highest we have seen to date, we can understand the knee-jerk reaction to a lockdown, “But really, we must ask, how is this happening after 15 months of managing the pandemic by the Dr Keith Rowley-led Government?”

The opposition noted that the burden put upon citizens is at breaking levels as salaries for most of these workers have been reduced by 50 per cent, as well as their work week. Many are on the breadline where, again, most of them have been put on no-pay leave, even though these business owners have tried to keep their businesses afloat by initiatives such as kerbside take out, delivery service and pick-up orders.

United National Congress stated that people have tried their best to work with the Government and observe the pandemic rules upon rules. However, it is just not enough.

UNC taking a dig at government stated that business owners and citizens are stressed out and fed up with doing what is right and getting nowhere-no solution and no plan to get out of this hole.

“With continued stress on businesses and salary reductions for their employees for unknown, extended periods, it is just unbearable, and bouffs from our Prime Minister blaming us is just not cutting it anymore. No matter how these businesses try to keep afloat, they just cannot see any light at the end of this tunnel.” stated United National Congress.