St Vincent on drive to grow ginger by trench method, training exercise launched

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Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines: The Ministry of Agriculture hosted a training exercise at the Orange Hill on the Grounds of the Agricultural Training Institute to demonstrate the benefits of growing ginger by the trench method.

As per reports, fifteen farmers from District 8 North participated in the session. They were given a demonstration of the comparison of Trench Method as compared to their traditional method of growing ginger by the farmers.

The officials from the Agriculture Ministry taught the participants about the types of local materials, which can be used for ploughing. It will help them to reduce weeds and preserve soil moisture.

Notably, the CARDI local County Representative, Donawa Jackson also serves as resource personnel. She expressed her desire that these training provided to the farmers will play a significant role in helping them to track and compare the result of two methods of growing ginger.

The training will also be beneficial in adopting the suggested measures with the motive to increase the yields. The session at Agricultural Training Institute in St. Vincent and the Grenadines provided a number of learning opportunities to the farmers and also taught them the benefits of the Ginger.

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is known for its tremendous health benefits, in addition to enhance the taste. The research states that the stem contains gingerol, which has proven powerful medicinal properties, the rate at which food moves out of the stomach and along the digestive process. Eating ginger improves digestion, so food doesn’t stay in the stomach as long.

It provides relief from Nausea, especially the discomforts in the stomach due to various reasons such as,

Pregnancy: The women across the world have favoured to eat ginger to avoid ‘morning sickness’ and other associated dizziness due to pregnancy. The American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynaecology called ginger as one of the best non-pharmaceutical remedies for vomiting and nausea.

Belly swelling and gas: Ginger is termed as best to avoid fermentation, constipation and other causes, which lead to intestinal gas bloating.

Wear and tear on cells: The stem contains antioxidant features. Such molecules help to damage the cells when they are grown in high numbers and manages the free radicals.

Additionally, some researchers mention ginger to have anti-diabetic properties. It also helps to reduce weight and menstrual symptoms, helps with osteoarthritis, improve heart disease risk factors, treat chronic indigestion and many more.

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