Jamaica Govt urged farmers to increase the cultivation of ginger. Picture Credits: Google Images

Jamaica urges farmers to increase ginger cultivation

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Jamaica government urged their farmers to embrace ginger cultivation in order to increase the demand for spice crops globally.

The nation is witnessing a stage where the demand for all spices, especially ginger, is rising overseas. The increased demand makes it equivalent to “agricultural malpractice”, which is not even taken into consideration, stated Floyd Green, Agricultural Minister.

Floyd Green also added that Jamaica has fertile soil and the best possible climate conditions for cultivating high-quality ginger. By taking this opportunity, Jamaican farmers can expand its global market, which will not only ensure sustainable income but also play a huge role in enhancing the nation’s economic condition.

He marked that they will continue their support to the farmers and will motivate them in this transformation of ginger by providing various initiatives of government and incentives such as,

  • Technical support from the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)
  • Other support from the Ministry’s extension services

Green marked the numerous benefits of cultivating ginger as it is potential for high yields, crop resilience and adaptability.

He also stressed Jamaican ginger’s significance in the international markets, specifically in the industry of food and beverage, where crops are used as:

  • Aromatic spice
  • Flavouring agent
  • The main ingredient in several products

Floyd Green who is serving as the Agricultural Minister, pointed out the profitable opportunities which ginger farmers can avail themselves by quoting the high demand for sustainably produced the organic crops in his interview with the Jamaica Information Service.

He emphasized the significance of embracing eco-friendly practices like the implementation of organic farming in order to fulfil the consumer demands of natural and ethically sourced products.

Moreover, he added that the Ministry is looking forward to join hands with the research institutions and experts in the industry to generate platforms for sharing knowledge and providing training.

It would support them to intensify their techniques and skills of growing ginger as well as post-harvest processing.

He shed light on the importance of bringing a change and adding value to the ginger industry.

They are motivating their farmers for such valuable opportunities which will lead to profit maximization and support them to generate more revenue such as,

  • Oil extraction
  • Production of ginger powder
  • Progress in products based on ginger

The Minister Green shared his plans to promote Jamaica’s ginger globally to target marketing campaigns through

  • Collaborating with the organizational trade
  • By using diplomatic channels
  • By demonstrating the unique and high quality of ginger.