What will thrive the drowning economy of St Lucia?

Portrait of black woman wearing mask

St Lucia is the only country in the Caribbean that is facing two health crisis- a pandemic and an epidemic. As the entire world is struggling to handle coronavirus pandemic, dengue has been declared to be an epidemic in St Lucia.

The number of dengue patients is now more than 600 while there are over 156 confirmed cases of coronavirus.


Red Cross society has decided to use their 100 volunteers in St Lucia to help people in curing dengue, and the organisation have also announced to distribute to dengue vaccine.

The health ministry keeps on announcing new measures to control the coronavirus; however, the country is already facing the community spread of the novel coronavirus.

On Thursday, over eight new coronavirus cases were confirmed who are between the age group of 15 to 59.

The government of St Lucia under the administration of Allen Chastanet have not been very helpful in controlling the health crisis, they have clearly failed in their ground test.

The situation of COVID-19 and Dengue are both critical and there have already been three dengue-related deaths in this Caribbean country.

The health crisis is also expected to impact the tourism sector of the country on which the large portion of the economy relies. Recently, Air Canada has re-started direct flights between Toronto to St Lucia but the health crisis is likely to discourage tourists from coming to the country.


St Lucia like other Caribbean countries depends on tourism. The borders of the country have been open to all tourists since June 2020 and the Foreign Ministry claims that over 16000 tourists from the United Kingdom have visited the nation since then.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s government have been proven to be a complete failure as he himself admits that St Lucia is completely broke and can no longer afford a lockdown to control coronavirus in the country.

The school were also announced to remain closed after two staffers were tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

St Lucia is in a much worse condition when compared to sister nations.