St Kitts and Nevis shines in list of best Caribbean Islands by Caribbean Journal

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St Kitts and Nevis: Caribbean Journal released the list of the Best Caribbean Islands to visit in 2024, from Tiny Beach Towns to Hidden Gems, and featured St Kitts and Nevis in it.

The island St Kitts and Nevis, one of the best Caribbean Islands is known for its natural beauty and eco tourism as it has many must visit tourist attractions. Interestingly, the welcoming nature of the region makes it more appealing to visitors.

The country always welcomes tourists with much love and provides them with a sense of safety and security in the region. The region offers many wonderful attractions to visitors, which include:

  • Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park
  • Timothy Hill Overlook 
  • Fairview Great House
  • Lover’s Beach 
  • The White Sand Beach

Not only this, there are so many hotels as well which offer all the luxuries to their guests. Names of such hotels are the Park Hyatt, Sunset Reef, and Belle Mont Farm which even is featured by the Caribbean Journal.

Sunset Reef

Hotel Sunset Reef adds a charm to the region as this beautiful hotel has even been named as Sustainable Hotel of the Year 2023 by The Caribbean Journal. This remarkable achievement set a benchmark for the entire industry.

The hotel is completely dedicated to harmonizing luxurious hospitality with sustainable initiatives and made this resort one of the significant resorts.

Belle Mont Farm

Another luxurious resort, Belle Mont Farm located on the Kittitian hill offers a lush green landscape and panoramic views of the ocean. The resort also has Arthur’s restaurant at the resort.

Even during the Christmas times, the Arthur’s restaurant was filled with fireworks and music which provided the best surroundings filled with the festive essence around. The hotel also includes delicious food, which is much appreciated by the guests.

Marking the beauty and services of the resort, even Eustace Guishard once added, “ It’s a great opportunity to enjoy one of our tasting dinners and relax the rest of the evening. Breakfast is included, so that’s one more reason to take it easy during the festive breakaway from the carnival at Belle Mont Farm. Even if you stay one night, it will be well worth it.”

George Henry
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