St Kitts and Nevis: Papaya themed restaurant week is set to enrich taste buds

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 St Kitts and Nevis: The country, St Kitts and Nevis every year announces “St Kitts and Nevis Restaurant Week”. Such an announcement always remains awaited. And, this year under its 2024 edition, it will take place in the month of July from 11 to 21. Papaya has been declared as the themed ingredient this year.

For the year 2024, papaya being the themed ingredient would take up the taste buds to a level culinary journey. And, this would burst out the mouthwatering twists among the ones participating in the restaurant week.

This eleven days restaurant week in St Kitts and Nevis will include certain of the events, to which the calendar has not been yet declared. To add interest to the week going to be held, the restaurant week has mentioned; 

  • Cook, Sip, and Glamp
  • Tasting Showcase
  • Taste at Twilight
  • Grill Fest

Such a feature represents how fun the event is going to be. This will include food camping and the showcase which would enrich the taste buds. As well, special meals will be offered at discounted prices. One of the citizens even expressed excitement about the event and mentioned, “Just putting it out there that I’ll like to reserve a ticket. All were sold out last year.”

Such a statement even marks excitement among the public of St Kitts and Nevis. St Kitts-Nevis Restaurant Week as well highlighted the way for the selection of themed ingredients, which is even more interesting.

The choice under this was opened to the public and themed ingredient poll. Under this, the options given to the public as choice were Banana, Papaya and Carrot. Even while considering this, the restaurant week mentioned, “Which themed ingredient is trending in the streets.”

And, the Papaya as a result came out. Significantly, this as well would promote the locally produced Papaya. One of the citizens also highlighted, “Hopefully, local Papaya is used, because I see the supermarkets now selling imported Papaya.”

George Henry
George Henry
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