Saint Lucia to enhance surveillance system to avoid potential health issue during ICC T20 WC 2024. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Saint Lucia to enhance surveillance system to avoid potential health issue during ICC T20 WC 2024

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The Ministry of Health Wellness and Elderly affairs of Saint Lucia has implemented enhanced surveillance systems at the designated sites which are linked to the cricket matches of ICC T20 World Cup 2024. The authorities aimed to identify the major health and information hazards and handle potential health issues during the hosting of the matches.

Notably, the health department of the island nation through the support of the Caribbean public health agency and the Pan-American health organization has taken proactive measures to ensure the comprehensive mass gathering risk assessment for the island nation is done with the proper preparation plan.

The Ministry stated that the hosting nations of the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2024 must be equipped for the early detection of outbreaks, potential biot terrorism threats, increased injuries, and violence. The authorities aimed to ensure timely and appropriate public health interventions for the safety and well-being of participants, spectators and the host country population.

The authorities stated that a potential health risk is posed due to the increased number of visitors arriving from diverse regions with diseases that are not endemic to Caribbean. The main focus of the plan is to identify and implement communication mitigation measures for the hazards which includes the education of spectators on disease prevention measures and hygiene practices.

Along with that, the health ministry has also enhanced the laboratory capacity in order to improve the rapid testing of diseases of public health importance through the procurement of specified laboratory tests.

Medical services will be available at all match venues during the period of the cricket matches from June 15th to 24th June 2024. The 24-hour health coverage will be offered which will allow full access to care especially for the late matches and other social events and parties. The environmental health department will carry out vector control measures including daily fogging of match venues to prevent the spread of vector borne diseases. Stringent food safety standards at event venues ensure the safety of food and beverages served to participants and spectators.

Moreover, the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs of Saint Lucia has advised the public who attends the T20 Cricket to take all the precautionary measures to maintain health and wellness. They have advised all the spectators to drink in moderation and do not drive under the influence. They have also asked to do not smoke in public spaces and stay home or seek medical care if they are unwell.

The authorities have also advised to avoid any kind of disputes that may end in violence and have asked to obey traffic guidelines and keep hydrated by drinking sufficient water during the matches. They have also appealed to the citizens to use mosquito repellent during the night matches and protect their skin with sunblock during daytime.