Taiwan Technical Mission Assists the National Agricultural Diagnostic Facility. (Credits: Taiwan in Saint Lucia, Facebook)

Saint Lucia-Taiwan collaborate on issue of Food Security and Agricultural Diagnostic

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Taiwan’s Ambassador- Peter Chia-Yen Chen, met the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development- Alfred Prospero, to discuss recommendations regarding food nutrition labelling.

The meeting was held on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, and at the meeting, Agriculture Specialist Mr Hugo Lo presented the results of the HPLC course, which was organised at the National Agricultural Diagnostic Facility in September 2023.

During the discussion at the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM), Hugo gave his suggestions regarding other areas, in which the NADF can improve its effectivity. The TTM assisted the National Agricultural Diagnostic Facility.

The Taiwan Technical Mission presided over eight advanced chemical analysis training courses in response to a request from Mr Barrymore Felicien- Permanent secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, in which six people participated.

The course included,

  • Practical operations
  • HPLC principles
  • HPLC guidelines
  • Establishment of unfamiliar analyses
  • AAS principles
  • Analytical methods

The pesticide residue detection training workshop helps improve processes at the NADF.

The participants were given an opportunity to learn how to detect pesticide residue on food items throughout the training period and afterwards as well.

Ambassador Chen showed his gratitude for the quick response to the Ministry of Agriculture’s request to conduct this workshop. They were trying to use the equipment that existed to detect pesticide residue.

He further stated that he thinks this workshop was a timely one, as it will help promote agriculture, food security and food safety.

Prospere remarked that he was very happy with the assistance and guidance which was being given in the agricultural sector, especially as the Ministry continuously aimed at food security as it became a matter of great concern for the Ministry and the country at large.

He further highlighted his worries, as this is critical in terms of food security because of the agro-processors and other individuals who are associated with this sector.

It is important to label and obtain information regarding the nutritional value of products. Specifically, food safety standards, which should be considered as the number one priority.

The briefing of the meeting was held in the Ministry of Agriculture’s conference room.