Saint Lucia Social Development Fund thanks public for support as year ends
Saint Lucia Social Development Fund thanks public for support as year ends

Saint Lucia: St Lucia Social Development Fund thanked the general public for their continuous and loving support and guidance throughout the year, as this is the time to bid goodbye to the year 2022.

While wishing for a happy holiday, the Development stated, “Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and peaceful new year.”

Furthermore, the post noted, “May the spirit of Christmas infuse life and that of your family members with hope, positivity, and joy. Merry Christmas, along with the happy New Year on behalf of the management of the Saint Lucia social development fund.”

The holidays to celebrate the festival will commence soon, and this is the time when people make memories with friends and family. Christmas in Saint Lucia is a festive time of year, full of faith, family, and fun. The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia celebrates Christmas with a mixture of religious traditions, popular activities, and traditional foods.

The season begins with the nine-day Novena of Christmas, starting on December 16th. This is a time of prayer, devotion, and reflection in preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ. People attend Mass daily, and the traditional Novena songs are sung with great enthusiasm.

On Christmas Eve, the ‘Midnight Mass’ is held at many churches across the island. People dress in their finest clothes and spend the evening in prayer and song. After Midnight Mass, there is a feeling of joy and anticipation for the day ahead.

Children wake up to find gifts from Santa Claus and from their families on Christmas morning. They also receive a special treat, called ‘figgy pudding’, made with fruits and nuts.

Throughout the day, families come together to share special meals, sing carols, and exchange gifts. At midnight on Christmas Day, many churches hold a special midnight service to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Traditional Saint Lucian Christmas dishes are served throughout the season. These include ‘salt fish and provision’, a traditional dish made with salt fish, onions, tomatoes, and peppers, and ‘oil down’, a dish made with salted cod, dumplings, and coconut milk.

The Christmas spirit is still alive in Saint Lucia. Families come together to celebrate the season with joy and gratitude. Whether you are a believer or just a visitor to this beautiful island, you will find yourself welcomed with open arms and a hearty dose of Christmas cheer.