Met Dept shares weather update for January 10 morning

Saint Lucia: Met Dept shares weather update for January 10 morning

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Saint Lucia: The Meteorological Department of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia has shared an update on weather conditions and marine conditions in the early hours of January 10, 2023. The forecast was presented by forecaster Glenn Antoine on the evening of January 9. As per the update by the department, the seas will see northeasterly to easterly swells from 5 to 7 feet, and the waves will be moderate to locally rough. As the sea conditions are above normal, small craft operators and bathers have been asked to exercise caution.

The weather conditions on the day will be mostly fair sky with occasionally cloudy causing brief showers. During the day, winds will be blowing at the speed of 20 mph or 31 km/h. The weather forecast for the Lesser Antilles was similar to the Caribbean country; the region will witness fair skies, becoming cloudy with some scattered showers.

As per the weather department, January 10 will witness the sun rise at 6:30 am, and the sun will set at 5:52 pm.

According to the weather update shared by the department, the condition at Hewanorra Airport and GFL Charles Airport was partly cloudy on the evening of January 9. The maximum temperature on the day was 29°C or 84°F, and the winds were blowing at the speed of 20 mph or 31 km/h from the east direction.

According to the update by the weather department, the total rainfall recorded in the month of January was 46.2 mm at Hewanorra Airport and 85.3 mm at GFL Charles Airport.

While stating the weather summary, the forecaster stated that the Eastern Caribbean region will continue to generate the Atlantic High-Pressure System and will witness moderate to brisk easterly winds. Moisture levels will increase over the Lesser Antilles region and will cause occasional clouds, with a few showers, during the next 24 hours.