Saint Lucia: Meet Tobi, new pup in HelpAWS

Saint Lucia: Meet Tobi, new pup in HelpAWS

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Saint Lucia: The animal welfare organisation of Castries, HelpAWS, shared a glimpse of the newly added pup Tobi, because of whom they are baffled. The organisation took social media and stated, “How is it even possible that, with a face like this, Tobi has yet to find his forever home? We are baffled!”

“There really doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to which pups get snatched up quickly and which stay available for adoption for what seems like forever. We certainly haven’t been able to put our finger on it! All we know is that Tobi is an absolute joy, and whoever adopts him is going to be so happy they did!” the social media further noted.

According to HelpAWS, Tobi came to the organisation with 4 of his siblings after his stray momma gave birth in a woman’s yard, and she cared for the pups for several weeks before contacting the welfare organisation. Thank goodness for her, they were in relatively good health when they came into the shelter, and the entire litter has thrived.

The organisation working for dogs further explained that Tobi is a stubby little guy with shorter legs than most Potcakes. Although his stature is “condensed”, he is definitely not short on personality! He is such a confident little adventurer who loves everyone and everything! He really loves the beach, which would make him such a great companion for lazy summer days at the lake. Tobi is no drama; he just goes with the flow!

“Our handsome little dude has earned his wings and is ready to fly off to start his happily ever after, but sadly, he hasn’t yet caught anyone’s eye. Like, HELLOOOOO… Just look at this little stud! He is guaranteed to steal your heart if only you give him a chance!” the introductory post read.

Furthermore, while informing about the adoption ways, it stated, “To apply to adopt Tobi and start the New Year with your new BFF, go to and complete an online application. The generous donations from our followers are what allow us to continue our vital work here in St. Lucia. Suppose you aren’t able to adopt. Please consider making a donation to help save lives like Tobi’s. Donations can be made using e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle, sent to, or to @helpaws using Venmo.”