Saint Lucia Maritime Sector addresses environmental health
Saint Lucia Maritime Sector addresses environmental health
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Saint Lucia: The Director of Maritime Affairs at the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority, Christopher Alexander, recently highlighted myriad ways in which the maritime sector can optimize operations.

One of those is an air pollution convention, which can benefit consumers, the sector and the environment.

“The air pollution convention seeks to level the playing field,” he said. “All ships operating on the seas are to use a certain type of fuel. Boats further out at sea may use fuel containing a higher sulphur content, and when they come closer to shore, they change that. We want a level playing field so everybody can benefit equally from the shipping sector.”

Alexander also discussed the direct link between environmental consciousness and efficiency in the maritime sector.

“In a local context, for example, when it rains, the discarded plastics that come from our rivers into our seas is considerable, and persons inland may not be aware of the impact that can create on shipping.”

Saint Lucia is currently undergoing a marine litter consultation to reduce litter in our seas.