Saint Lucia hosts meeting of the National Ocean Governance Committee

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Saint Lucia- The Department of Sustainable Development conducted a meeting of the National Ocean Governance Committee on Friday, 8th December 2023 at the Union Orchard Garden.

The National Oceans Governance Committee comprises both government and non-government organisations which seek to eradicate the problems which affects the water bodies. Therefore, this was the exact aim of the meeting as it emphasizes on supervising the management of vast marine space of Saint Lucia.

Many people attended the meeting which includes the members of National Ocean Governance Committee from various departments including,

  • Department of Fisheries
  • Economic Development
  • The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force
  • Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority
  • Attorney General Chambers
  • The representatives of OECS Commission
  • Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority
  • Saint Lucia National Trust
  • National Conservation Authority

The meeting was declared open by the welcoming remarks from the Department of Sustainable Development’s Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary.

The visitors of the event were shown the presentation that highlighted the management of the island’s coastal and marine resources.

Subsequently, the attendees engaged in the discussions and disseminate information and views with each other on Ocean Governance in Saint Lucia. This vibrant discussion was followed by an exciting competition and a prize giving ceremony to the recipients.

Moreover, the Acting Chief, Sustainable development and environment, Dawn Pierre-Nathoniel stated that economic growth is necessary for St Lucia but it is also important to give the utmost care and attention to the preservation of marine life.

The Acting Chief also expressed her concern on the volume of plastic that is discarded in to the Saint Lucia waterways.

Notably, the acting chief stated that there are many measures that can be taken to eradicate the excessive production of plastic products. They will be focusing on reducing the incessant usage of plastic by 2024.

The efforts to curb plastic would play a pivotal role in enhancing the tourism industry of St Lucia as Saint Lucia’s economy is heavily dependent on Tourism.

The Acting Chief further added that measures are being placed by them to guide the infrastructural projects along the seashore so that excessive damage is not caused to marine life while construction work is underway.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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