Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduces Tigger, appeals for help from followers

Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduces Tigger, appeals for help from followers

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Meet Tigger, who joined the dog shelter in Castries HelpAWS with his sister and brother. “Little Tigger came into the shelter a few days ago with his sister, Audrey, and his brother, Archie. Audrey and Archie look like most of the animals we receive – covered in fleas and ticks and bellies full of worms, but overall they don’t appear to have any significant health issues,” the post by HelpAWS read.

The social media post further read that, but the same cannot be said for tiny Tigger. He needs urgent intervention if he is to have any chance at a good life or any life at all. He appears to have limited vision, and he is very wobbly, running into things often. He is also significantly smaller than his siblings, weighing less than 1kg, even though he has a hearty appetite.

“In consultation with our vet, it is believed that Tigger has hydrocephalus, an abnormal expansion and accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in cavities inside the brain. This accumulation of fluid creates pressure on the brain resulting in possible complications, including brain herniation and even death. Time is not on his side, and he needs to get to Canada to be seen by our vet for treatment, as this is the best chance of surviving,” HelpAWS stated.

The dog shelter organisation further claimed that if hydrocephalus is the diagnosis, they are looking at a range of approximately $8K to $17K in vet bills to give him the care he needs. The organisation wants to do everything in its power to help Tigger, and as long as little Tigger has the will to survive and thrive, they will do their utmost best to make sure he does.

“We have SO many special needs animals right now between Gracie, Noah, Cheesepuff and Kashmir, among others, who need extensive veterinary care. Adding little Tigger to that list and knowing the bills for his care alone could far exceed the donations we receive in any given month is daunting. Without taking away from any of the others whose lives are just as important as Tigger’s, we are wondering HOW we will manage to pay for all of this,” it stated.

While appealing for more donations and assistance from the followers, HelpAWS stated, “Tigger needs you. All of our babies need you. We need you! Please consider donating to via e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle or to @helpaws using Venmo. You CAN help us make a difference!”