Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduces cute furbaby Jumper
Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS' Facebook

Castries, Saint Lucia: The HelpAWS, the animal welfare organisation, introduces ‘cute’ pup Jumper. While introducing the little fur baby, the organisation highlighted that his smile could melt the hardest hearts.

Through the social media account, the organisation mentioned that there is joy, and then there’s Jumper, a step or two above pure unadulterated joy. It is literally impossible to be in a bad mood or to have a bad day with this little ray of sunshine looking up at you!


HelpAWS further outlined that Jumper and his siblings were brought to the dog shelter in the back of a truck, precariously slipping and sliding around as the driver navigated the curving roads of Saint Lucia on the way to the shelter. The runt of the litter Jumper used to hang back while his siblings danced and pranced around, trying to get attention from anyone who ventured near their pen. It was like he was studying the volunteers and the world around him and not quite sure he wanted to participate in all the hubbub.

“These days, Jumper is totally living up to his name! Has become very confident and outgoing and has no problem making his presence known. He likes being with other dogs and always tries to sneak into the other pens to visit with the current occupants. He actually gets very sullen when his efforts are stymied, and he isn’t able to make the rounds. It’s Jumper’s world; we just live in it!” the organisation said.

HelpAWS added that this sweet boy is very gentle with kids and loves getting visits from Talin. As much as his world revolves around jumping about, he seems to have an acute understanding that he needs to mellow out around little people. He is oh so gentle when taking a treat and loves a good cuddle sesh or belly rub any time of the day.

“Jumper is ready to meet the world head-on and is hoping his forever person or family is out there, just waiting to snatch him up and take him home. If you are ready for a one-in-a-million pupper to fill your heart and home with love and laughter, go to to complete an online adoption application for Jumper,” the dog shelter said.

While mentioning the ways of donation, HelpAWS said, “Donations can be sent to using e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle or to @helpaws using Venmo. We truly appreciate your generosity.”