Saint Lucia: HelpAWS asks volunteers to help in daily workings
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS asks volunteers to help in daily workings
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Saint Lucia: The animal welfare organisation, HelpAWS has shared an update regarding various job roles that will assist the working of the shelter. While sharing the information about the requirement, the organisation stated, “What if you had the ability to help save lives without even leaving the comfort of your home? What if just a few hours of your time could change the future for so many animals in need, as well as the humans who adopt them?”

It added, “HelpAWS is looking for dedicated remote volunteers to assist in a variety of roles. Schedules are flexible, as we understand everyone has a busy life. Although flexible, we are looking for COMMITMENT – someone who has a passion for animals and wants to be involved! All one need is a computer/tablet or smartphone, Wi-Fi, FB Messenger, and a willingness to step up and participate.”


The organisation furthermore said that if this piques an individual’s curiosity, go to, where one can see a list of volunteer positions available responsibilities of each position, and one can complete a volunteer application. The interested candidate can also DM us or email us at It’s a new year, do something NEW!

HelpAWS has been working days and nights to offer a safe and secure home to the little furbabies. Earlier, it shared information about the “urgent foster needed” for the little pup who was dumped in the trash.

The post informing about the new baby of the welfare organisation read, “Our sweet boy Kojak, who was dumped outside of the shelter over a month ago, has a flight to Canada on January 10th with drop off in Burlington or Etobicoke, but he has nowhere to go!”

It further conveyed, “We don’t want Kojak to miss this opportunity to be one step closer to finding him a forever home, but we need any volunteer to step up to the plate and help foster this sweet boy. Please message us or email if someone you know is able to help!”