Ernest Hilaire shares beautiful view of Port Castries

Ernest Hilaire shares beautiful view of Port Castries

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Saint Lucia: Ernest Hilaire, Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information Minister of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, shared a beautiful and eye-pleasing view of Port Castries. He posted a picture of cruises at the port and said, “Beautiful day in Port Castries.”

Ernest Hilaire, the tourism minister, regularly shares updates about the beauty and achievements of the country. Earlier, Hilaire informed the general public about the welcoming of the Norwegian Encore to Port Castries for the first time in history.

The ship was welcomed by the country, for the first time, in November 2019. It has a capacity of 4,653 guests with 1,700 crew.

Port Castries is the capital of the Caribbean island nation of Saint Lucia. Located on the island’s northwestern coast, the city is a bustling hub of activity and is a major destination for tourists visiting the island.

The port was first established in 1746 when a military garrison was built to protect the island from pirates. Today, the port is a major cargo hub and serves as a gateway for trade and commerce. It is also a popular destination for cruise ships, which dock at the Castries wharf.

In addition to its importance as a port, Castries is also a major tourist destination. The city’s main attractions include the Castries Market, which sells a variety of local produce and souvenirs, and the Derek Walcott Square, which is a popular gathering spot for locals as well as tourists alike. Other attractions include the Saint Lucia National Museum, the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens, and the Beausejour Stadium, which hosts a variety of sports events.

The city is known to be home to a number of restaurants and bars, as well as a number of hotels and resorts. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities, with a number of stores selling everything from clothing and electronics to souvenirs and local crafts.

As the capital of Saint Lucia, Castries is an important part of the island’s identity. It is a vibrant and bustling city and offers various activities and attractions for visitors. Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s vibrant culture, shop, or simply enjoy a relaxing holiday, Port Castries is the perfect place to do it.

Saint Lucia is a beautiful Caribbean island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is a popular tourist destination with its lush green landscapes, pristine white beaches, and stunning natural beauty. In particular, its cruise tourism industry has been growing in popularity in recent years, offering visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.

Cruise tourism in Saint Lucia is an ideal way to experience the island’s unique beauty and culture up close. Cruise ships make several stops in Saint Lucia, providing visitors with the chance to explore the island’s attractions. Many of these ships feature luxurious amenities, including fine dining, spa treatments, and entertainment, making for a truly memorable experience.

The island offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy during their stay, from hiking and exploring the lush greenery to snorkelling and swimming in crystal-clear waters. There are many historical sites to tour, including the majestic Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.