Saint Lucia observed an International Accounting Day.

Saint Lucia graced International Accounting Day with week-long activities

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia observed International Accounting Day under the theme, “Leadership, Ethics and Integrity- Roadmap to Greater Transparency and Accountability” on November 10, 2023.

The day was marked with the support of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Eastern Caribbean (ICAEC), which coincides with the annual celebration of Accountants Week from November 10-18, 2023.

Andrea St Rose, the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Eastern Caribbean, delivered the opening speech for the week.

She expressed her honour to address a group of professionals who represented the epitome of diligence, integrity and ethical stewardship in the financial world.

Accounting as an established practice has its roots several millennia ago and can be followed as far back as 5,000 B.C. Many services that people are able to enjoy today would not be possible without the services provided by accountants.

This includes the following services; however, it is not limited to them only.

– Banking and financial services

– School services

– Government services

Ms Rose further highlighted that accounting is mainly considered the language of business. However, it comprises,

– Global dialect of trust

– Truth and transparency that transcends boards

– Economies and cultures

It is to be added to her remarks that the role of Chartered Accountants is highly essential, and they are the custodians of financial accuracy, the architects of economic resilience and the guardians of fiscal honesty.

The spirit of their profession remains unaltered in protecting and safeguarding the interest of the people.

The profession of Chartered Accountants continues to play an important role in economic development worldwide, and this day is set aside to acknowledge their contributions and services.

Therefore, the ICAEC encourages and supports all the accountants and associates to join the celebrations of the accountant’s week of activities.

Activities: Accountant’s Week

The event will host a week-long activity which are as follows,

November 10

 Address by President, Polo Shirt Day

November 11

 Nature Walk and Sunset Lime

November 12

 Church service

November 13

 Press Conference, Media Day and Games Night

November 14

 Accountants give back, “Ask an Accountant

November 15

 Virtual Business Conference Day 1

November 16

 Business Conference Day 2

November 17

 Social Media Photos, Polo Shirt Day

November 18

 Cocktail Reception, Members and Guests