Saint Lucian drivers are going to take part in Legendary Drag in Antigua.

Saint Lucia Drag racing team set to compete in Legendary Drag in Antigua

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Saint John, Antigua and Barbuda: Saint Lucian drivers are going to represent their nation in the first-ever Legendary Drag in Antigua on November 25-26, 2023.

The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports held this event in collaboration with Invest Saint Lucia, the Ministry of Tourism and the Saint Lucia Motor Sports Association.

Craig Gustave, an alternative sports officer in the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, expressed his gratitude for this competition as this car racing project is inspired by a motor racing event held in Barbados.

Notably, both the private and public sectors were deeply involved in car racing in Barbados, which showcased the unity and strength of the nation.

Chairman of Invest Saint Lucia- Lyndon Arnold, shared his opinion regarding the opportunities for not only drivers but also for other services from mechanics and body repairmen with the support of the Motor Sports venture, which is an untapped market.

He further added that the mandate of Invest Saint Lucia is looking for an investment opportunity in Saint Lucia through this project as the motorsports sector has a huge impact globally.

Additionally, it would be a great chance for Saint Lucia to get involved in a means of Diversifying their tourism product.

The Saint Lucia Drag team members and their wrapped cars are as follows,

  • Johnny Chitole – Nissan Skyline R33
  • Ronald Auguste – Toyota Supra MK4
  • Edi Ledgrand – Another Toyota
  • Kent Joseph – Toyota Supra MK4

However, special recognition is given to Bradley Philip, who is a driver of the Honda Civic.

In addition, a subordinate of the group marked that the enthusiasm could be channelled to build the sport even further as they acknowledged the input of all the contestants and supporters who came out to participate in this initiative.

Preparations of drivers and cars had already started in September.

Notably, the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, Mary Wilfred, extended its institutional support to the nation’s Motor Sports Association and guided other non-traditional sports.

The competitors are ready to rev up their energy engines and race for glory in the 2023 Legendary Drags Regional Invitation.