Saint Lucia: Deputy PM Ernest Hilaire to serve as Prime Minister during PM Pierre's trip to Taiwan
Saint Lucia: Deputy PM Ernest Hilaire to serve as Prime Minister during PM Pierre's trip to Taiwan

Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Ernest Hilarie to serve as Prime Minister of the nation until current PM Philip J Pierre returns from his trip to the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Prime Minister Pierre is on his first State Visit to Taiwan as the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

He and his delegation were warmly welcomed by Foreign Minister Wu, after which they attended a meeting with officials from the EXIM Bank, which is critical in providing budgetary support for the people-centred development of Saint Lucia, as per the information shared by the official page of the Prime Minister.

“I look forward to the next few days of dialogue and sharing of experiences which will serve the common interests of our people,” the post by the page further read.

However, Deputy PM Hilaire started his week by briefing the media and heading to the cabinet. He then reflected on their hard work and the work the authority will continue to do to better the lives of all Saint Lucians.

He emphasized, “We face many challenges daily as a nation, the level of crime, high levels of inflation and the list can go on, but we must fight these battles as a nation. Let us not fight each other but work together to find amicable solutions for our problems.”

“We are a nation of great resilience, and we will get through these challenges as a nation. The government has a zero-tolerance policy for crime in Saint Lucia. It will deploy all the necessary resources to curb the crime levels and to apprehend those who continue to instil fear among Our People,” he added.

In addition to these measures, Deputy PM stated that the government continues to put in place social safety nets to assist Saint Lucians in these unprecedented economic challenges. These programs are aimed at assisting the most vulnerable in society.

Picture Courtesy: Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire’s Facebook

Hilaire concluded and outlined, “In all, we are here to support you, putting you first and working towards making Saint Lucia a better and more prosperous environment for all.”