Saint Lucia: Charity Organisation HelpAWS asks people to “adopt not shop” animals

Saint Lucia: Charity Organisation HelpAWS asks people to “adopt not shop” animals

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Saint Lucia: There are several dumping grounds on the island, places where people will abandon unwanted animals, far enough away that the animals can’t find a way home and are just left to wander, suddenly forced to fend for themselves. I suppose they think this is a better alternative to killing them outright, but the sad truth is, in most cases, it just leads to a slow and painful death for these poor souls.

Vigie Beach has become a popular ditch site, maybe because people figure someone on the beach will feed and care for the animals, or maybe it’s just convenient.

These four babies, no older than a few weeks, were recently dumped at Vigie Beach. Thankfully they were brought into the shelter this morning because if someone hadn’t found them, they would have had no chance of survival.

Three girls and one boy who were discarded like trash now have the opportunity to grow, heal, be loved, and live amazing lives, as all living creatures deserve. They are apprehensive of human contact, but that will quickly change as we care for them day to day and help them know they are now safe from the elements and any abuse they’ve endured.

The stray population on the island has grown unchecked for so many years, and now there are so many unwanted and uncared-for animals desperately searching for food, shelter and safety. Sadly, it is growing worse each day. “We are thankful we are finally able to resume hosting spay and neuter clinics because only through the continuous efforts of providing this valuable, free resource to the local population and educating them about preventing unwanted litter will we see the change that is necessary,” their official page read.

As the number of animals in the care of the organisation continues to increase, the members worry about how they will support and find homes for all of them. Adoption applications and donations are at record lows, not just at HelpAWS but around the world.

The organisation has appealed to adopt. It highlighted, “If you or someone you know has been considering opening your heart and home to a pup, PLEASE adopt and do NOT shop!”