Saint Lucia: Bellevue playing field to receive much needed upgrades
Saint Lucia: Bellevue playing field to receive much needed upgrades

Saint Lucia: Following a period of neglect during the height of the pandemic, the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports has embarked on a program of infrastructural upgrades to Saint Lucia’s sporting facilities.

Several locations have been identified for upgrades, including the Vigie Sports Complex, which recently received an enhanced LED lighting system. The Bellevue Playing Field is another facility in need of attention.

Director of Sports, Jim Xavier, said, “The playing field is a major playing facility in the community. It serves a number of young people, but it lacks basic amenities, for instance, a change room and seating accommodations to comfortably house persons. Funds have been earmarked for this development, and we have started the initial stages of design.”

Minister for Health and Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort (north), Moses Jn Baptiste, has welcomed the decision to improve the playing field in the community.

“Many people who have been to the Bellevue area in Vieux Fort would know that for many years this area has not been rehabilitated. The community has done it’s very best over the years to cause this playing field to be in a much better condition. Now, thanks to Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre, we have decided to rehabilitate the Bellevue playing field. It will have a new surface, pavilions installed and lights.”

Minister Jn Baptiste also cited other facilities in Vieux Fort North that will receive support.

“The Grace playing field is in a much better condition, but there are no pavilions at Grace, and we are going to look into this. The Pierrot facility requires rehabilitation and a pavilion. We will try to improve the quality of our facilities in Vieux Fort (north), and we are starting with the Bellevue playing field this financial year.”

With these upgrades, the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports is hoping to provide the environment necessary to produce elite athletes in Saint Lucia.