Saint Lucia: 7 delegates to vie for crown of National Carnival Queen Pageant

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The seven beauties who will be competing for the crown of the 70th edition of the National Carnival Queen Pageant has been unveiled during an annual Sashing Ceremony which took place at Sandals Grande. It is a beautiful platform for the ladies to promote the vibrant culture and traditions of the island nation through their exceptional beauty, charm and elegance.

The event was streamed live with the motive of providing an opportunity for all the citizens to be a part of such an exciting announcement. The event not only unveiled the delegates but they were also presented to their corporate sponsors, providing an opportunity for the participant to reach their maximum potential.

The seven delegates who will be vying for the 70th crown of the National Carnival Queen Pageant include,

  1.  Miss Windjammer Landing & Residences – Aeryn George
  2.  Miss Caribbean Galaxy & Real Estate – Menella Sebaram
  3. Miss Caribcation- Kadin Antoine
  4. Miss Bounty Rum- Shan Lucien
  5. Miss Duty-Free Pointe Seraphine – Yaneil Joseph
  6. Miss Pierre Marcel- Tunisia President
  7. Miss Bank of Saint Lucia – Anneka Thompson

The National Carnival Queen Pageant is a part of Saint Lucian Carnival and the pageant will take place on 29th June 2024. The pageant is all set to celebrate 70 years of glitz, glamour, grace, poise and elegance. All these young and beautiful ladies have also expressed joy and delight for receiving an opportunity to participate in the national pageant.

Moreover, Tamara Gibson, the Chairperson of the Carnival Planning & Management Committee appreciated all the sponsors for their significant contributions to the development of the pageant and the delegates participating in the competition.

While appreciating the sponsors, the management committee stated that the continuous support of the sponsors has elevated the National Carnival Queen Pageant to greater heights.

“The sponsors have recognized the principles of development, sustainability, and inclusivity that have become the drivers of our work at the CPMC,” noted Tamara Gibson.

Such pageant also reflects the unwavering commitment and dedication of the administration towards promoting women and creating doors of several opportunities for them so that they can also display their talent and abilities.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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