Read Here: Things you must know about Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnivals

Read Here: Things you must know about Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival

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Trinidad and Tobago: The COVID-19 was crucial for the whole world. Many countries have been moving towards normalcy, but these last two years turned the Carnivals and other social events slightly different.

2022 has brought some changes in the way of celebration of the events, but there is still time to celebrate and reflect the culture of their regions.

Recently, many countries, such as Trinidad and Trinidad, have successfully hosted Carnivals. Trinidad and Tobago hosted the Carnival 2022 between February 28 and March 1 before the Ash Wednesday. This year the government of Trinidad and Tobago announced that the Carnival would only witness shows and no street parties.

The Carnival was cancelled in the year 2021 due to a global pandemic. The climax of the previous year’s cultural event was scheduled on February 15 and 16 at the Port of Spain, Trinidad. But before the beginning, the Prime Minister of Trinidad notified about the cancellation of the Carnival.

The Carnival at Trinidad and Tobago is scheduled every year before Ash Wednesday. The Trinidadians start the preparation around six months earlier, but thing gets intense a week before the climax of the Carnival. Production, as well as the mas practicing, commences just after the celebration of Christmas.

It is one of the major events of Trinidad and Tobago as it is also celebrated to mark freedom. During the end of human enslavement, Carnival in TT because a symbol of celebration of freedom.

Here are some facts about the Carnival of Trinidad and Tobago that you might not know:

1.) It was not for the first time that Carnival was cancelled in the twin-island country:

The Carnival in the country has been cancelled twice before the COVID-19 pandemic:

i.) In 1939-1945, the Carnival was cancelled for the first time due to World War II. As per the reports, the event was mainly cancelled because of security reasons.

ii.) In 1972, the event wasn’t cancelled but postponed due to the polio outbreak on the island. Instead of February, in 1972, the cultural event was hosted in May. According to the health ministry, the event was postponed so that the immunization programme “takes its full effect”.

2.) Carnival was a three-day event:

As per the traditions, the Carnival was celebrated for three days, preceding Ash Wednesday. But later, it was massively criticized by the people of the upper caste as they blamed that the event was violating the Sabbath.

To avoid criticism, in 1943, the event started to be held for two days, Monday and Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday.

3.) Carnivals are popularly known for “Dancing, Bands and Costumes”:

Dance is an important reason why people love to come and participate in the Caribbean Carnivals!

Bands add up a unique and classy element to these Carnivals. When the bands make their way to the street, they usually witness a huge crowd of men and women. Every brand has a special sound; the people enjoy hours of music bumping during the days of Carnival.

The bands are accompanied by the men and women, in different costumes, at the streets of Trinidad and Tobago. Men and Women are dressed in colourful costumes, which goes with a float and most are very expensive due to intricate and elaborate details.