St Kitts and Nevis govt allows Carnival, makes COVID-19 vaccine a mandate

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The government, along with NEOC, has granted permission to St Kitts and Nevis National Carnival Committee to welcome back live audiences to the various shows, competitions, and other events, which are scheduled as part of the celebrations for National Carnival’s 50th anniversary. 

The national carnival committee, in a press release, cited, “We understand the imperative for us to work together in order to assure the safety of spectators, event organizers and participants who will come at the National Carnival Events”.  

“Therefore, acting on the course of the NEOC with permission by the cabinet, the following regulated protocols will apply to all the – National Carnival events, where relevant and suitable. The public, therefore, must note and be guided accordingly,” the committee further noted. 

Following are the COVID -19 protocols or guidelines which will be applied at the various events of the National Carnival: 

  1. All the participants, vendors, patrons, and anyone involved in providing services at National Carnival events must be fully vaccinated.
  2. In order to avoid unwanted delays at the gates, the spectators are asked to arrive early, given the added security & COVID-19 checks required upon entry.
  3. There will be – no ticket sales at the respective gate. Show Tickets must be purchased in advance at the (Offline) National Carnival Office or Online.
  4. Patrons will require to take to the events their COVID-19 vaccination card or government-issued electronic vaccination card and a valid government-issued photo ID.
  5. It is must for the individuals to wear their masks upon arrival & even during the whole event.
  6. All individuals entering the venues will be needed to have their hands sanitized.
  7. Patrons are expected to act responsibly & to avoid unwanted close contact where possible.

The committee is taking every step to make sure that the individuals arriving at the different events in the national carnival will be safe. On the other hand, the excitement level of the patrons and participants is at its peak.