Prime Minister Rowley gets 1st shot of Sinopharm Vaccine

Prime Minister gets 1st shot of Sinopharm Vaccine
Prime Minister gets 1st shot of Sinopharm Vaccine

PM Rowley said that Covid-19 would be remaining with the people they had to live with it. Still, they have been fighting with COVID-19 PM Rowley urged citizens to assure that they had get the vaccination as the health authorities move towards curbing the spread of the virus that had till now killed 941 people and infected 34 822 others.

PM Rowley said that those benefits from the vaccines have been worth having the population vaccinated. The one thing that they knew by the evidence that they had both there and around the world has that the virus has been suppressed by the vaccination program. A number of vaccines had been approved for use, and reports have shown that populations that have been vaccinated have been protected in so far as people have been responding better to any infection. Vaccination has been reducing the need for hospitalization, it is reducing the strength of the illness on them, and it has virtually eliminating death.

PM Rowley said that seeing solid proof that unvaccinated populations have been still ravaged by the virus. Trinidad had received an estimated 800,000 doses of the vaccine from China on Tuesday.

PM Rowley said that in the next few weeks, they have been going to had as many vaccines as they require to vaccinate those persons who might come forward. It has been a volunteer program, but that does not mean because it has voluntary, you would decide that nobody has been pushing him, so he would not go and get vaccinated. Yes, the virus has been pushing their vaccines have been available, take the vaccine that is offered to them, get vaccinated as quickly as possible, get their second shot when it has due and feels confident that they would be better able to respond in the event that they are infected because the second fact has that the virus has out there, and it only requires access to some person to keep going.