Wait for 2 weeks after getting 2nd dose of vaccine to entre Trinidad and Tobago

Wait for 2 weeks after getting 2nd dose of vaccine to entre Trinidad and Tobago

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Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram issued a statement as a reminder that all those travellers who might travel to Trinidad and Tobago should wait for 2 weeks after getting the second dose of the vaccine before travelling to Trinidad and Tobago.

Borders of Trinidad and Tobago would be opened from July 17. after 2 weeks of the 2nd dose, if the travellers would enter the Trinidad and Tobago, that person would be considered fully vaccinated and would meet the criteria to enter the country. The nationals of Trinidad and Tobago those have been returning to the island before completing 2 weeks after vaccination. Those people who would be staying in quarantine service would have to pay with their expenses.

US Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization considers the person fully vaccinated after completion of 2 weeks of receiving the second dose.

Parasram said that after the first dose, they do have some level of immunity, but that’s not maximal in terms of the effects they wanted to get. They really wanted to have two weeks pass after the second dose to have that immunised person.

According to the travel, protocols the travellers would require a negative PCR test that might be taken 72 hrs before travelling to the island. Unvaccinated nationals would be covering the cost of 14 days’ mandatory state-supervised quarantine. Children under 18 travelling with vaccinated adults would not have to go into quarantine.

When asked how sure his team was about the reopening of the borders, Parasram said that the powerful travel protocols laid out had given the country extra layers of security.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram, in terms of risk assessment and mitigation of spread of COVID-19 virus, all things have been considered. The PCR test has been essential, and since they introduced it with repatriated citizens, they had seen a significant reduction in picking up their day seven positive, so much, so that it has gone down to .83% that coupled with having a vaccine, should give their some significant protection in terms of spread.