In Trinidad and Tobago students felt secure in physical classes

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The students have been feeling safe now while doing their Secondary Entrance Assessment examination during the face to face classes. They told their experience after attending the online classrooms online from March 2020. The students were Mucurapo Girls’ RC Primary School located in St James.

Few students, after giving the exam, said that they felt safe during the exam but were still a bit anxious. Kaitlyn Neverson, an enthusiastic student of the school, said that she was ready to go back to the physical classroom. She also said that while attending the online classes and preparing for the exams online was hard.


Kaitlyn Neverson said that she always wanted to play on her laptop, but she then put that down and realised that she had to focus on her work. According to her, she was stressed, but she managed to make that through to the end. Kaitlyn Neverson, while being emotional, said that she felt good, but at the same time, she had become sad to leave her friends.

Aliayha Mathews, another student, also said she felt safe while being physically present in the examination room. She also said that the exam was easier than she thought.

Aliayha Mathews said that was easy, and math was good. The keyword that might be hard, but their teacher Jackson taught them to read the question twice, circle the key word, plan, do, and check it over.

Mathews said that she has been grateful for the exam to get over. She would never get what she require. She would not wait for SEA to finish, and she thanked God it has so she could get what she wants now.

Arianna Ramnarine admitted with her classmates that the physical classroom considered safe and that the health protocols were good.

Temperatures were monitored and reported upon entry as well as when students were leaving the school compound.

There was a delay in the completion of the exam, which was supposed to finish at 1 pm but instead finished at 1.40 pm.


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