No local government elections to conduct in Jamaica

16 honourees recieved awards during St James parish independence celebrations
16 honourees recieved awards during St James parish independence celebrations

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced on 30th June that the country would not be conducting the local government elections this year. PM Holness stated that until the country would not be fully vaccinated and until he would feel that environment has been secured for the citizens of Jamaica.

PM Andrew Holness highlighted that the island has been going through many tensions, such as again designing the Disaster Risk Management Act. The elections would not be conducted till all Jamaicans achieve their herd immunity by getting both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.


The decision to re-opening of the entertainment industry in Jamaica was also supported by PM Andrew Holness. The main aim of re-opening the entertainment industry has been that to facilitate and give relief to as many people as the government could during the time pandemic. The starting of the strategy have been started from the entertainment industry.

The government has been all set and focused on meeting the needs of each and every sector of the country by carefully calculating and redesigning the ways that would mitigate the spread of COVID-19 but would not affect the daily livelihoods on the island. According to PM Holness, the citizens would try to break the rules only when their livelihoods would be affected.

PM Holness highlighted that he knew that many residences of Jamaican island had face loss and also suffered from many difficulties while being under the restrictions. PM Holness urged all Jamaicans who have not been vaccinated till time should get their vaccinations, and with this, all citizens of the country should achieve its herd immunity, after which the country would return to the period of normalcy where they were before the COVID-19 virus hit Jamaica.

PM Holness, in the end, said that as soon, there would be an opportunity to provide relief to those persons who had been without income. The government would, with due care and caution would allow for increased movements and increasing gatherings in the country.