60.1% of population in St Kitts and Nevis receives both vaccination doses

Jamaica expects to receives vaccine till August

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Jamaica has been expected to receive the additional supplies of Coronavirus vaccines. Prime Minister Andrew Holness stated that the receiving of additional doses would allow more persons to get vaccinated.

PM Holness said they expected that they would continue to vaccinate their older population, their critical workers, healthcare workers, police force, military, and their teachers.

PM Andrew Holness said that the plan is that by September when the 2021/22 academic year would start, they would be able to return to school to continue the face-to-face education.

PM Holness said that for them to reopen, they would need teachers to be vaccinated. It has been possible to have schools still operating even in the pandemic, mainly the senior grades. One critical criteria for him would see that all their teachers have been vaccinated. That has been critical.

PM Holness encouraged debates between school leaders and teachers about the national vaccination programme to encourage the resumption of face-to-face instructional education.

PM Holness said that his own view has that the leadership of the schools should bring the teachers together and had a discussion about that. He knows students have been working teachers were working they want to be back in the classroom. The only way they could guarantee that has been for the teachers to be vaccinated.

PM Holness highlighted that the decision to resume physical classroom activities fully would be driven by public health science and established safety protocols.

PM Holness made a strict agreement with those protocols, hand washing and sanitizing, including wearing masks in public spaces and physical distancing.

PM. Holness said that The other critical element for the reopening of schools would be how behave they had what it takes. If they really, seriously examine the threat posed by COVID-19, they could make the sacrifice to be faithful to the protocols.