124 Venezuelans deported back to their country

124 Venezuelans deported back to their country
124 Venezuelans deported back to their country

Vice Admiral Euclides Brito, commander of the 61 Integral Defence Zone in Delta Amacuro, Venezuela, announced this on Monday through a Venezuelan radio station. 124 Venezuelans deported back to their country by the Venezuelan authorities and Trinidad and Tobago authorities on Sunday. 

While speaking to the governor of Delta Amacuro Lideta Hernandez, Brito said that the group of 124 Venezuelans have been travelling on a Venezuelan navy ship.


Vice Admiral Euclides Brito said that they have been waiting for their compatriots who came back to Venezuela through the Plan Vuelta a la Patria (Return to the Homeland Plan). They waited for them with open arms.

The Twitter account of the Guiria Military Hospital said that the doctors travelled from there in the AB Margarita71 boat to had a meeting with the deportees, whom they tested for covid19. They would all be sent into home quarantine when they arrived in Venezuela. Out of 124 deportees, 44 were detained at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC), Aripo, while another group had stayed at the Heliport in Chaguaramas. They were joined by humanitarian cases.

This is the first of two trips that would take Venezuelans home this week from TT. The next voyage would be a repatriation trip on the decided day of the weekend.

Out of the total people that went back to Venezuela, 700 people decided to go home voluntary after being unemployed or having other problems due to the COVID-19 spread.

Although the date and time have not been confirmed, several of the travellers have been selected by the embassy. The trip would be coming Saturday, July 17. A ferry has been scheduled to leave Port of Spain and arrive at a port in the state of Anzoátegui, Venezuela.

The scheduled two shipments of Venezuelan nationals this week would add more than 1,000 people who had returned to their country in 2021.

Two of the trips have been deportations, taking home 172 people in April and 124 on this Sunday. In February, 95 Venezuelans left on a Piarco-Caracas flight.