President of India Kovind gifts 8 cricket kits to young cricketers of SVG
President of India Kovind gifts 8 cricket kits to young cricketers of SVG
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St Vincent and the Grenadines: President of Republic of India, Ram Nath Kovind was on tour to the twin-island country, during the visit he handed over around eight (8) cricket kits to the young cricketers.

The gesture by the President aspired the young cricketers of SVG to play wholeheartedly at the field of cricket.


President Kovind was on four-day trip to St Vincent and Grenadines. He arrived in the country on May 19, 2022 (Thursday), where he received the Guard of Honour and a 21-gun salute. He landed at the Argyle International Airport in Kingstown. He met with Prime Minister Dr Ralph E Gonsalves as well as other dignitaries.

During the visit, he participated in the discussion with his counterpart Governor-General Susan Dougan. He also addressed the House of Assembly of St Vincent and Grenadines.

It is the first-ever visit by an Indian President to Saint Vincent and Grenadines. He is accompanied by his wife first lady Savita Kovind, Union Minister Pankaj Chowdhary, Lok Sabha MP Rama Devi and Satish Kumar Gautam.

India and SVG have traditionally enjoyed cordial relations based on democratic values, common linkages of history, a Parliamentary democratic system, membership in the Commonwealth, use of the English language and the love for cricket.

SVG is an important partner of India. India and SVG were both non-permanent members of the UNSC in 2021 and shared good Cooperation during this period.