PM Terrance Drew visits to Cayon High School to analyse progress

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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Terrance Drew made a visit to Cayon High School along with Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister, Dr Geoffrey Hanley. The visit was made by the Ministers in order to assess the progress in the renovation of the school.

The other officers from the Education department also accompanied them on their visit to high school to oversee the significant improvements. The officers include, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Lisa-Romayne Pistana; Chief Education Officer, Francil Morris; School Principal, Kyla Morris; Deputy Principal, Gavin Blake and Education Officer, Roger Woodley.

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Along with that, Members of the Public Works Department were also included in the tour of high school. The visit of the ministers highlights their commitment to ensuring a safe and comfortable environment and facilities for both students and teachers.

While shedding light on the progress of the work, PM Terrance Drew mentioned that windows, doors and electrical systems have been installed in an entire block of the school. Also, bathroom facilities have also been upgraded which marks the enhancement of the school’s infrastructure.

“I’m delighted to report significant progress since our last inspection, including the installation of windows, doors, and electrical systems in an entire block of the school. I am also pleased to announce the completion of an upgraded bathroom facility, a crucial enhancement to the school’s infrastructure,” noted PM Terrance Drew.

These visits by the Minister emphasised the development of the work which outlines the unwavering commitment and dedication of the administration to providing the students with a conducive learning atmosphere.

PM Drew has promised to prioritize investments in education with the vision to empower the youth of the nation which will further play a key role in leading the country towards development. He also extended gratitude to the educators and all the teaching and non-teaching staff at Cayon High School for their continuous efforts in creating a nurturing space for the students to thrive.

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

The leader of the nation also acknowledged the tiring efforts of Dr Hanley and his team who played a pivotal role in elevating the school from its current position to the desired standard.

Dr Hanley has also shared his vision for providing all the better facilities to the students and staff, with a plan to provide a boost in the career of youth who are future of St Kitts and Nevis.

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