PM Skerrit terms Dominica’s geothermal project as energy revolution 

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Roseau, Dominica: Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, during the recent parliamentary session, expressed optimism about Dominica’s future and highlighted the various important projects like the Geothermal Power Plant, Loan agreement and foreign investment.

Emphasizing on the Loan agreement of the geothermal project, PM Skerrit added that Dominica is working with favourable terms, including extremely low interest rates that are three quarters of 1% per annum adding the commitment charge of half a percent, half of 1% per annum.

Talking about the repayment of the loan, the Prime Minister stated that it will be done through 60 semiannual installments that will commence from May 15th, 2034, and they have also secured a grace period of ten years.

Commenting on the terms of the loan agreement PM Skerrit stated, “I do not believe that one can get those terms anywhere else in the world. Anywhere else in the world.”

Further, talking about the investments, he stated that investments play crucial role and can be established as stepping stones in the growth and development of Dominica. He said that “the investments have placed the country in a better position.”

PM Roosevelt Skerrit shared his empathetic vision about the growth ideas of a Small Island developing State, he stated that we have been mindfully using the resources and investments of our Country. PM added that the administration has and will continue to use CBI funds for the geothermal plant.

Shedding light on his vision, the Prime Minister announced that he is not only focusing on the current energy consumption but for the next 25 years.

PM Skerrit further discussed about the government’s economic and social plan for the Dominicans by providing the people of the nation with improved infrastructure in all sectors.

He stated, “We are working in a comprehensive, structured manner. With each passing day the infrastructure is improving. Every day they are working to improve.”

Affirming about the education sector PM Skerrit ensured that every child has equal opportunity to go to school and take education. Comparing Dominica to Developed nations, he stated that no child in our country is under an education loan, unlike a country like the US.

During the parliamentary session PM Skerrit also announced the groundbreaking ceremony for Marina for Portsmouth that will be held on May 25, this year.

“Another major project, we will have a groundbreaking ceremony by the Grace of God on Saturday, May 25, for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Marina in Portsmouth,” he revealed.

Revealing his plans for strengthening the healthcare sector, he shared that it is also the agenda of the government, and they are relentlessly working on improving it by building up new facilities. The country is training more doctors and introducing more advanced equipment for the people of Dominica to get the best facilities.

PM Skerrit proudly stated that the United Nations has declared that Dominica is building the world’s first climate resilient nation in the world. People from around the globe are looking at us and taking inspiration, after the natural calamities, how the country fought, stood up again and is on the path on development.

Throughout his address during the recent parliamentary session, the Prime Minister shared about his clear vision about the growth and development of the country and he even spread the message of unity among the Dominicans.

He ended his speech by calling the geothermal project as an energy revolution in Dominica.

George Henry
George Henry
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