PM Roosevelt Skerrit says opposition believe Dominicans are incapable of behaving normal

PM Roosevelt Skerrit says opposition believe Dominicans are incapable of behaving normal

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Dominica: Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, criticizes the opposition – United Workers Party, for backing off the elections. He said that all of a sudden, strange things could happen in Dominica as the opposition has not stood in the elections.

He dealt with the saying of the opposition by instancing the political scenarios in the neighbour sister islands. He said, “Let me deal with those who say I called a snap election in Dominica in three years. I am a villain for calling an election in Dominica when I chose, but Timothy Harris in St Kitts collapsed his government in two years, and he is a gentleman. I am a villain for calling an election in under three years in Dominica. Still, sister Mia Mottley in Barbados is a genius for calling a snap election in an even shorter time.”

Prime Minister Skerrit added that all of a sudden, all sorts of strange things could happen in Dominica because the opposition has stood out of the elections, but none of the said things happened in Jamaica, of all places, in 1983, when the PNP boycotted the Edward Seaga JLP government and spent five solitary years in opposition.

Additionally, PM said that he takes offence because people believe Dominica and Dominicans are incapable of acting and behaving normally.

Furthermore, PM cited the example of Grenada and Barbados and highlighted that winning all seats by one political party doesn’t show that democracy is ending or that nation doesn’t support or respects democracy. He mentioned, “Giving one party 21 seats in Dominica puts democracy at risk, but a party in Grenada won all 16 seats not once, not twice, but three times over the years, and democracy has never been under threat in that country. The incumbent government in Barbados has won two successive elections with a clean sweep of the parliament on each occasion, and democracy is not under siege there, either.”

While criticizing the opposition party, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit stated that he called the election when any serious opposition party anywhere in the world would have been ready or readying itself for a poll. He then cited the example of Great Britain, which recently went through political turmoil. He said that the opposition in Britain is not like the Opposition in Dominica. The opposition in Britain was ready for any eventuality.

Prime Minister Skerrit continued to backlash against the opposition and said that the party went into a state of an internal meltdown when it was time to get prepare for the next general elections. He furthermore said Lennox Linton did not resign immediately after the elections, when most leaders, rejected for the third time, would have. He carried the party for three years and then left abruptly. The opposition went leaderless for more than two months, and he took the opportunity to refresh my government and prepare this country for the arduous task ahead, and he is the villain.