UK Embassy warns of fake advisory, says Dominica is safe to travel

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A false travel advisory letter that was circulated in Dominica was rejected by the British Embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados. The statement was released after the document began to circulate on Friday morning.

The statement read that It has come to the knowledge that a paper circulated in Dominica that purports to be UK travel advice. The UK Embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados, declared that the paper was a fraud while claiming that British people are safe if travelling to Dominica.


For most travellers, Dominica is a trouble-free destination; there hasn’t been any recent history of a terrorist act in Dominica. During the hurricane season, it is recommended inhabitants to maintain their vigilance and heed meteorological forecasts.

Roosevelt Skerrit, the Prime Minister of Dominica, also urged people to follow guidance and protect themselves against false information.

The letter, which claimed to be travel advice from the UK, was so malicious that it was specifically written to damage Dominica’s reputation before the cruise ship season. The island was described in the phoney letter as a place where foreigners should avoid because of criminality. A few media outlets have also disseminated false information without verifying it.

Political parties have come under fire from many residents for waging deceptive campaigns that could harm those who work in the tourism and hospitality sectors. The letter was a part of the opposition’s campaign of fear-mongering as it looked for fresh ways to harm the nation’s reputation.

According to information provided by locals, many supporters of the United Workers Party are spreading the false information to propagate their agenda to defame Dominica at international stage.

The phoney letter is being released as the nation prepares for snap national elections on December 6, 2022. Additionally, it represents the desperation of the opposition on the island as they work to damage the country’s reputation globally.


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