UK: Patient blames Mayfair Practice for negligence during botox brow lift surgery

UK: Patient blames Mayfair Practice for negligence during botox brow lift surgery

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United Kingdom: The London-based clinic, “Mayfair Practice”, which is very renowned for offering GP Consultations and Corporate Health, Health Screens and Travel Vaccines, Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture and Aesthetic Treatments, recently came into bad light after facing accusations by a patient who has been a victim of their negligence during the Botox Brow lift surgery.

The patient complained about swollen eyebrows after the botox surgery, arising from the negligence of the doctor, which resulted in causing infection in the eyes of the patient.

As per the client, he noticed his eyebrows got swollen soon after he underwent botox surgery from Mayfair Practice. Despite consulting the doctor and consuming the prescribed medications for a week, nothing had changed for the better.

The client further took up to the clinic administration, who rebuffed and claimed that a contract was inked by the patient beforehand, claiming only patient was responsible for the result of the surgery.

Following the surgery, the patient witnessed several side effects, to which doctor later refused to take any responsibility.

The negligence of the hospital is widely being denounced by the public, and they have been asking for a solution to the problem.

The botox brow lift is widely considered as the best-kept secret for gaining fame because of the extra touch to the beauty. The procedure provides a lift to the eyebrow, enhancing the facial features and making one more attractive.

Following recognising the popularity of the surgery, many clinics have started providing botox brow lift and have made their mark in the industry. The “Mayfair Practice” is also one such clinic that includes in botox surgeries.

Whereas, such negligence proves the incompetence of experienced and well-qualified staff members, which demands surveillance in the matter.

The doctors working in the clinic are Dr JJN Masani MBBS, OSTJ; Dr Hash (Hasham Ahmad) MBBS, MRCGP; Dr Daina Jones – MD; Rasita – Skincare Clinician and Jennifer – Skincare and Hair remover practitioner.