PM Gaston Browne pledges to transform lifestyle of young generation

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St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: The Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, addressed the nation and urged them to work collectively in guiding the country’s young people to transform their energies and aspirations into determined and disciplined pursuit of better lives.

During his address on the occasion of New Year’s Day, he encouraged all the nation’s youth to embrace education and training for better employment opportunities and honest earnings. He asked the youth to focus on their earnings which can buy them property, allow them to invest as well as that can contribute for the betterment of their families and their country.

PM Browne requests young people to pursue worthy and such productive activities which can help them in get honoured by their nation and can fill their heart with pride.

The PM showed his concern and spoke against the rising cases of violence among youth in the country and across the region.

The leader of the nation stated “I am obliged on this occasion and I look forward to a year of continuing progress, to sound a word of caution about increasing number of incidents of violence involving our youth.”

“We have seen or heard of how violence among youth has increased rapidly in other parts of the Caribbean. Such matter saddens me and I am sure that it disturbs the responsible adults of the beloved homeland as well. The rising of homicide cases and parents terrifying their children must be stopped.”

While expressing his concern, PM added that such increase in violence among youth is affecting nation’s social and economic advancement. Therefore, there is a need for all the young people to focus on their aims and studies for their better lifestyle.

While emphasizing on the government’s work PM said that his administration is providing education and training opportunities through investing in schools and by providing scholarships.

He also added that “they have established and capitalized the entrepreneurial development fund with millions of dollars to facilitate entrepreneurship, including youth entrepreneurship. They are also attracting the investments that create jobs and small business services that earn money. There are so many opportunities that have made available to the youth that there should not be any excuse or delinquent behaviour by the youth.”

The leader of the nation also said that in order to stop the violence and enhance the development of the youth, there is an urgent need for the sustained interventions that will be required by all stakeholders by starting with the parents of the youth.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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